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Play therapy helps children to explore their feelings and make sense of their life experiences. Conventional talking therapies may be inappropriate for children whose language skills are still developing, and therefore struggle to put their thoughts and feelings into words. Creativity (play and creative arts) allows children and adolescents the opportunity to explore their feelings in a safe physical and psychological therapeutic space, which can support the development of healthy coping strategies for difficulties now and in the future. 

Play Therapy can help with a range of psychological difficulties or difficult life experiences, including (but not limited to); 


Behavioural, Social, Emotional Difficulties




Separation Anxiety


Generalised Anxiety






Autistic Spectrum Disorders


Anger Management Difficulties


Illness/ Disability


Eating Disorders


Family Breakdown




Communication Difficulties


Sleeping Difficulties


Low Self Esteem and Confidence


Family Relationships


Domestic Violence


Exclusion from school


Adoption and Fostering


Transition Difficulties


Soiling / Wetting

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Referrals are accepted from parents/ legal guardians, social workers, G.P's, clinical psychologists, teachers, learning mentors, fostering & adoption, charities and other agencies.


                 Play Therapy can only be undertaken with the consent of the person/s holding legal guardianship of the child.