Girl aged 7

"I had a wonderful time at Play Therapy. You have answered my worries. Thank you". 

Parent of child Aged 6


 "I feel very lucky to have had my daughter supported by someone who really understood her – this was very important to me. Thank you so much Christine."

School: Learning support mentor


"Play Therapy has really benefited each child at this school in some way. Academically and socially children have really shown their true potential - gaining in confidence, increased self-esteem and therefore social behaviour and academic attainment...but moreover, the positive impact on each families relationships has been an obvious gain..."

School Headteacher


All three children made significant progress academically and socially during this time which were over and above the expected norms and must only be due to Christine’s therapeutic work with the children ...”

Mother of a boy aged 9

"My 9 year old son developed a severe separation anxiety with myself and his Dad as a result of losing his grandfather a year earlier and also developing an understanding of the concept of loss and death.  This anxiety and fear of something happening to us if we left him started to affect his emotional well being and reached the stage of him refusing to go to school and being unable to function academically and socially.  The school helped as much as they could but I knew I had to find him some more specialist help. Someone recommended play therapy and Christine saw him for a series of weekly sessions.

The change in my son over the course of these sessions has been amazing. Christine has enabled him to express his worries in a comfortable environment and has quite clearly given him coping strategies to help him understand his emotions and react differently.  We now have our little boy back and he has become a much happier, confident and independent child who loves playing with his friends and happily goes into school (well almost!!).

I have no hesitation in recommending Christine if you feel your child needs some additional support with an emotional or social issue- she has a calm, friendly demeanour which children seem to respond well to and I cannot thank her enough for her input."

                              Mother of a boy aged 8

"Christine has been working with our family for the past year and built up a lovely relationship with our son which has enabled him to trust and open up to her.  Her use of play has been instrumental to helping him with his frustration, communication and understanding of feelings and those of others.  This has been a life saver to our family who have gone from having hugely challenging behaviour to that of testing boundaries but in a cheeky way rather than destructive.  Christine has been a personal support to myself and given me lots of advice and guidance (being a working mum) and has brought valuable help and understanding/support to the whole family.  I would have no hesitation in recommending her to other families in need!"

Due to the nature of therapeutic work all names remain confidential so as not to identify the child or family.